Our Goals

Goals carried out by Kings Way Nursery

We will provide an environment where each child will be given the opportunity and equipment to best develop the essential building blocks for their future. These skills and building blocks will underpin their future development and education. This learning will be in conjunction with you, the parent, and your child. Development Outcomes. We will assist and guide each child as they emerge, explore and extend their skills and foundations in the five Development Outcomes. The Development Outcomes are:

  • Child's individual identity
  • Child's wellbeing
  • Child's identity with their community
  • Child's communication skills
  • Child's learning skills

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide a healthy and safe learning environment for the care and development of all children.
  • Guide children in an environment built on trust and caring relationships with staff and other children
  • Provide developmentally appropriate, tailored program which meet each child’s individual interests and their changing needs, to assist in their growth and development whilst learning
  • Encourage independence and provide opportunities which are spontaneous, flexible and creative at each child’s ability and continually meet individual children’s needs as they mature
  • Provide an environment where each child develops and has fostered and nurtured their individual identity, their wellbeing, their identity with their community, their communication skills and their learning skills
  • Provide an environment where each child will be given the opportunity and ability to explore, to experiment and to develop physically, cognitively and emotionally
  • Develop each child’s self-esteem by promoting positive attributes about themselves and others
  • Promote an environment of non-bias and cultural inclusion for the development of all children. To embrace and welcome each child and their family who enroll into our nursery. We will respect family cultures, perspectives, religious beliefs, languages and ensure that we show no bias, discrimination or cultural preferences
  • Encourage family involvement whole-heartedly and welcome parents to participate and contribute any skills, talents and interest to the program